Pool Skimmers: Another Filtering System

Following along with our last segment explaining pool filters and how they work, we’ll now explain how another filtering system, the skimmers, help keep your water clean and clear.

Skimmer Baskets: If the pool pump is the heart of the pool, the skimmer baskets are the blood vessels that allow water to flow from the pool through the pump, into the filter, and then finally back into the pool. Skimmer baskets actually serve two purposes. The first is to remove any debris floating on top of or right below the surface of the water, such as leaves. The second purpose is to provide much-needed circulation to the pool.

The first step in keeping your pool water flowing through the filter and back into the pool is to keep skimmer baskets empty of leaves and debris. These should be checked and emptied at least once per day, but once per day doesn’t always cut it.

So many pools, especially those built decades ago next to small trees now sit next to very large trees. If you're unfortunate enough to have a pool surrounded by trees, you may need to empty the skimmers several times per day to keep leaves out of the pool and water cycling through the sytem.

Inevitably, some leaves and debris will work their way past the skimmer baskets and lodge themselves inside the pool pump filter. Normally, you don’t need to empty the filter basket in your pump as often as the skimmer baskets on the edge of your pool. You should only have to empty the basket once per week or so, depending on your surroundings, but you can easily check the basket daily. Most pumps have a see-through cover over the top, which allows you to see if you have any debris inside.

Finally, pools have thousands of gallons of water sitting out in the sun all day and, inevitably, standing water causes stagnant water, which then grows algae and causes water issues. Moving and circulating water is important to keeping your water clean.

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