3 Tips for Growing Greener Grass

Here are some more tips that should help keep your grass growing green and strong throughout the season.

Don’t water during the hottest time of day. We often see houses and businesses with their sprinklers on in the late morning or afternoon. Little do they know that the best time to water a lawn is during the coolest time of day.

For those lucky enough to have automatic sprinklers, any time from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. is perfect for watering. Set one for early in the morning and another for late evening. You can also shorten your watering cycles for roughly half the time per station since you will be watering the lawn twice daily. If you don't have an automated sprinkler system, that's okay! Running home from work to turn the sprinklers on or off usually isn't an option anyway. Wait until later in the evening when you're back home, and then water for an hour, moving the sprinkler or hose so the whole yard is covered.

Remember: Your lawn doesn’t need hours of water each day to keep it green.

Don’t mow once per week. Mow when the grass needs to be mowed. People tend to follow a schedule of mowing once per week, and sometimes even on the same day every week. Mowing too often or not enough can damage your lawn. The key to mowing is consistency.

Try to take about 1/3 of the blade off. That might mean raising or lowering your mower, or mowing every five days in the spring when the grass is growing and every 10 days in the fall when its growth has slowed.

Again, every lawn is different, and different grass types grow differently as well. So you can’t just mow once per week. You have to mow when your grass needs to be mowed for the best looking cut.

Make sure surrounding lawns are well-manicured. You might fertilize your lawn and apply grub control but still find weeds and grubs invading your yard. One of the most important things you can do to maintain healthy grass is to make sure the lawns around your lawn are maintained.

In short, if your neighbor’s yard has a weed problem, those weeds will likely spread into your yard. Keep in mind, weeds, grubs and other lawn parasites don’t understand property lines. Talk to your neighbors and devise a plan. Many lawn companies will even give a discount to services for neighboring homes.

Happy mowing and best of luck! Please call us with any questions.

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