Lawn Care in 3 Easy Steps

At Tyler’s Pool & Home Care, we are always learning. And as we learn new tricks of the trade, we also like to share those tips with our DIYers. Keeping your lawn full and green doesn’t have to be a chore. Just follow some of our simple tips to keep your yard in great shape this season.

Take it easy on watering. While it's tempting to water daily or even every other day, you can actually save yourself time by watering your lawn less. Instead of watering for a short period more often during the week, try watering just once or twice a week (if there isn't rainfall). By forcing the grass to wait to receive the water and watering for longer periods, the grasses roots grow deeper, resulting in a healthier lawn.

Don't overdo fertilizer. Don’t get us wrong—fertilizer is very important for maintaining a lawn that your neighbors will be jealous of. But over-fertilizing can lead to a very damaged lawn.

At Tyler’s Pool & Home, we offer a 3-step and 6-step fertilizer plan as part of our residential and commercial lawn service. Our 3-step plan promotes growth and prevents weeds, and our 6-step plan takes that a bit further with additional nutrients, pest, and grub control.

A tip for DIYers: Buying the cheap fertilizer at Lowe’s or Home Depot actually costs you more in the long run because cheaper fertilizers can leave your lawn green and lush in some areas, but burnt in others. We’d recommend a Scott’s brand fertilizer. Scott's fertilizer is a mixture of different chemicals and nutrients. A lot of the value-priced fertilizer will have all these different nutrients mixed together in different pellets. Scott’s, however, takes those same chemicals nutrients and divide each of them up into separate pellets, so each pellet contains the correct amount of nutrients.

Make sure to aerate. Aerating is the process of “opening up the soil.” Lawn aeration helps promote healthy and full grass. By removing small “cores” or soil from the sod, water, oxygen, and nutrients are able to seep farther into the ground and provide a healthy under soil for grass to grow on top of.

Of course, Tyler’s Pool & Home Care is happy to provide this service for you. For those DIYers trying out aerating on their own, don’t be intimidated by the machine. An aerator is not much more difficult to handle than a lawn mower, but it can cause some damage if it gets away from you, so go slowly and follow the directions for the machine you're using. Most aeration machines can be rented from your local handyman store for around $30 for a 2-hour time-frame. Most lawns can easily be done in 30-45 minutes (even by a novice).

Tyler’s Pool and Home Care provides professional lawn care, pool care, and snow removal services for Omaha-area homes and businesses. Contact us today at 402-590-6860 or

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