Hot Tubs | Refresh Package

The pro’s at Tyler’s Pool and Home Care recommend changing the water in your tub at least 3 times per year depending on usage. Even though you have sanitizers in the water to kill bacteria, hot-tubs because of their high water temperatures, number of bathers in a relatively small amount of water, any additional oil & debris released into the water will build up scum and bacteria over time.

Our Drain, Clean & Fill Package: ($99 for all tubs during March & April 2016)

Tyler’s Pool & Home Care offers a package just for the hot-tub owners of Omaha. Our “Refresh” hot-tub service includes draining all the water in the tub, scrubbing & cleaning all surface areas of the tub inside & out (Including the cover), re-filling the tub with water, cleaning or changing the filter, and finally adjusting & balancing the water. This service generally costs between $125.00 - $150.00 depending on the type & size of hot-tub.

This is perfect if you just moved into a new house that has an existing hot tub. Once we have cleaned and re-filled the tub we can also offer a tutorial on how all the features work and what to do in order to keep it cleaned between uses.

Once you get your pool open you might want to look at our weekly hot tub maintenance services to keep your hot tub in perfect working order and the water perfectly balanced.