Hot Tub Weekly Maintenance

Hot-Tubs much like swimming pools require the water to be tested and kept chemically balanced. But unlike pools which have tens of thousands of gallons of water, hot-tubs generally have just hundreds of gallons of water. In addition, there is often 2 or more people sharing that same small body of water with soaps and oils and sweat all circulating through the same water. Because of this it is much more common for hot-tub chemicals to fluctuate rapidly & drastically if they are not kept in check.

If the chemicals are not kept in balance along with occasional cleaning and routine maintenance the water in the spa can turn green and unsightly, not to mention unsanitary.

The pro’s at Tyler’s Pool and home care recommend checking the chemicals at least once per week, more often if the tub is constantly in use, and less often if the tub is not being used regularly. But definitely before using and after using, within 24 hours of each.

Much like swimming pools hot-tubs require the PH, Alkalinity, & sanitizer to be balanced together to keep pristine water in your tub.

Our Weekly Service: (Starting at $25.00 per week)

Includes filter checks & cleaning, scum-line scrub, equipment checks & diagnostics, and chemical balancing. This service ensures that your tub is hot and ready for relaxation at all times. We also provide the chemicals needed each week included in our service charge.


How do you best treat a hot tub with chemicals?

The big 3!!! – Add in small doses – An old detergent cap works very well.

  • PH: 7.4 – 7.6 - Add in small doses PH + or PH – to adjust the PH.
  • Alkalinity: 80 – 120 - Add in small doses ALK + or ALK – to adjust the Alkalinity.
  • Sanitizer: 4.0 – 6.0 PPM (Either Bromine or Chlorine) – Can be added to a “floater” or in liquid or granular form.

The next 2!!!

  • Weekly dose of algaecide – Helps to prevent algae growth, aka Green water
  • Weekly dose of clarifier – Helps to maintain clarity, you should always be able to see the drain of the tub

The final 1!!!

  • Weekly dose of Anti-Foam – Helps remove foam from surface of the water after usage.

Need hot tub chemicals? Get more information on the chemicals you need and ordering here.

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