Aeration & Power-Raking:

Aeration and power-raking go hand in hand together along with seeding & fertilizing to provide and maintain and healthy and green lawn throughout the year.

Core-aeration is the process of removing small (1” X 2”) cubes of soil from the surface of a lawn. The process is essential to allow more nutrients, air, and water to reach the roots of the grass. This in turn allows the grass to grow stronger and healthier.

Power-raking is the process of removing the top layer of thatch from a lawn in order to maintain and preserve a healthy lawn. Thatch is the organic material (looking much like hay or stray but less rigid, almost like angel hair spaghetti) that lays between the top of the soil and the bottom of the blade of grass. Somewhere around an inch of thatch is actually healthy for the lawn, but larger amounts will begin to suffocate the grass roots below and needs to be removed.

At Tyler’s Pool & Home Care, traditionally we power-rake & seed in the spring while we aerate and fertilize in the fall. However, both services are interchangeable and can be done in either the spring or fall, or anytime that falls between, or both at the same time. Each yard is just a bit different, our pros can determine the correct path for your individual yard.


  • $40.00 - Small Yard (2500 sq ft or less)
  • $45.00 - Medium Yard (2500 – 7500 sq feet)
  • $50.00+ – Large Yard (7500 sq feet +)



  • $100.00 - Small Yard (2500 sq ft or less)
  • $125.00 - Medium Yard (2500 – 7500 sq feet)
  • $150.00 – Large Yard (7500 sq feet +)

Whenever we aerate or power-rake we almost always recommend seeding at the same time. Over-seeding can be done in the spring or the fall and our rates are based upon the amount of grass seed applied based on $2.00 per pound of seed. For most yards, 25 lbs. of seed would be plenty, costing $50.00 additional for both the seed and spreading.

If we don’t seed we would then certainly recommend a fertilizer application. Our 1-time fertilizer application is a “weed & feed” designed to prevent growth of future weeds while providing basic nutrients to help the grass grow. For 2016, we are offering this service at 50% off to all of our aeration and power-rake customers.

Have some bare spots that need filling in? You might look at seeding or sodding services to fill them in this summer. Read more about how our seed and sod services here.