Residential Lawn Fertilization Service

Fertilizer is used on yards here in Omaha to provide basic and essential nutrients necessary to maintaining a lush green lawn.

We start our 6-step fertilizer plans in March and apply approximately once every 6-8 weeks after that until we reach our final step, the winter fertilizer in November.

Our 1-time “Weed & Feed” fertilizer applications can be spread at any time between March & November.

Our 6-step fertilizer plan includes a top of the line fertilizer brand that includes a milorgainite material. That means that 100% of the product in our fertilizer treatment means it is 100% food to the lawn, it contains no filler material like your traditional hardware store fertilizer. We use a granular product that slowly releases its nutrients into the ground. Our products are safe for pets and kids once the product is watered in.

Step 1: Crabgrass preventer & early spring fertilizer

Step 2: Pre-Emergent (weed prevention) & late spring fertilizer.

Step 3: Grub control and early summer fertilizer

Step 4: Mid-summer fertilizer – Helps grass stay green in the summer heat

Step 5: Fall Fertilizer – Helps grass recover from the stress of summer

Step 6: Winter Fertilizer – Slow release fertilizer to feed the grass roots all winter long


The 6-step plan costs between $35.00 - $55.00 per step depending on the size of the lawn. Any fertilizer packages that are purchased and paid for in full by April 30th, 2016, will receive 6 steps for the price of 5.

We also offer a 1-time spring or fall fertilizer service. This service uses our same high grade fertilizer and is requested when someone is looking to give their lawn just an extra bit of muscle to look its best. This is what we would call a “weed & feed” this fertilizer provides nutrient to the grass while helping as a weed deterrent. Much like our 6-step plan, the 1-time fertilizer service is priced in-between $35.00 - $55.00 depending on the size of the yard.

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