Residential Lawn Mowing Service

Our basic lawn mowing service is designed to give homeowners a weekly mowing service that gives the lawn a professional, clean cut each and every week.

Here in Omaha we start and stop mowing based upon when the weather warms up in the spring and cools down in the fall. Usually towards the end of March we are starting to get our first mow in, and by the end of October or November we are completing our final weekly mowing services.

Our mowing service includes all mowing, trimming, blowing, & clean up. The biggest key to keeping a lawn well-manicured and maintained is consistency. Our lawn crew handles about 100 accounts per year. 100 lawns, each and every week for roughly 30 weeks, over the course of the year that amounts to thousands of lawns and hours of experience. We have had some of the same mowing crew members on staff since we opened in 2010. All of that leads to consistency and a well cut lawn each and every week.

Each of our weekly lawns are also edged at no additional charge throughout the year. This is in addition to weekly trimming. We edge around driveways, sidewalks, and concrete walkways to ensure a defined edge between the concrete and grass. This service also keeps grass and dirt from overgrowing onto the concrete.

Our mowing prices are largely depended upon the size of the lawn & estimates are always free. For 2016, our pricing will start as follows:

  • $30.00 - Small Yard (2500 square feet or less)
  • $35.00 - Medium Yard (2500 – 7500 square feet)
  • $40.00 – Large Yard (7500 square feet +)

*Bagging service available at an additional charge.

The next step is to properly fertilize and feed your lawn. Learn about our lawn fertilization services here.