Seed & Sod Services

Grass seed and sod are used to cover bare areas of ground in residential and commercial areas. Grass provides both ground cover and erosion protection when installed properly.

Choosing between seed and sod comes down to a number of different factors but include the size of the yard or area, the slope of the yard, and how quickly do you want a full-green lawn? Sod, or as we call it here at Tyler’s Pool & Home Care, instant grass. It is exactly that, instant grass and instant gratification. We can turn a dirt yard into a green oasis over the course of a day.

On the other hand, seed is cheaper and does an equally good job as sod, but it does take more time for the seed to germinate and grass to grow into that full lawn.

There are all sorts of wise-tales and theories on when the best time to plant seed or sod is. Over the years we have planted seed and sod as early as February and as late as October and everywhere in-between. We have experienced similar success of growth in pretty much every month. The only times we would not recommend new seeding or so if obviously during the winter months and also during the hottest part of the year, July & August. Not only is July & August usually the hottest months year in Omaha, but they are also known for the lack of rainfall. Both of which are bad omens for new grass.

One thing that we always cannot stress or recommend enough is water. Whenever new seed or sod is planted it is pivotal to get it plenty of water, especially during those first days and weeks. Once the root takes hold and the grass begins to grow it also becomes more durable.

Our pricing will vary depending on the size and scope of each individual job. Of course, quotes are always free, and below is a estimate calculation to give you an idea of cost.

What does it cost to sod your yard in Omaha?

Sod: $1 - $2 per square foot – This would include both the sod and the installation labor

What does it cost to seed your yard in Omaha, Neb.?

Seed: $0.25 - $0.75 per square foot – This would include both seed and the installation labor


Seed and sod isn't always the best solution and we might recommend starting with spring yard clean-up and aeration in the spring time. If you are looking at sod or seed closer to the end of the summer season we might recommend our power-raking and/or fall clean-up services. Follow the links to figure out which residential lawn services from Tyler's Home & Pool Care are going to work best for you.  Or just give us a call any time at 402-590-6860 and we'll help you through the process.