Storm Damage Clean Up

I have lived in Nebraska for over 30 years, and I have been working outdoors for nearly half of those years. If 30 years of Nebraska seasons have taught me anything is that storms can and will pop up whenever and whenever they choose.

And of course half the time the most damaging storms choose to show up in the most inconvenient times like before the graduation party, or the wedding reception, or the annual family barbeque. In their path and aftermath is a trail of broken tree limbs, countless leaves, and even worse.

Our storm damage clean-up service targets two specific needs. First, any fallen tree limbs that are completely removed from the tree but need to be cut down to size and removed.

***If the limbs are still attached to the tree and possibly a hazard to your home or utilities please call us and we can direct you to the proper service.

The second service we offer after storms is a full yard clean-up. This includes blowing out any rock/mulch gardens, raking the remaining areas, and bagging up and removing all leaves, fallen tree limbs/sticks/twigs, and other storm debris.

At Tyler’s Pool & Home Care we know how an unexpected storm can cause problems that need immediate solutions. We work 24/7 after all major storms to ensure our customers have yards that are returned to normal as quickly as possible. Our pricing depends on the size and scope of the clean-up and is priced at $50/Hour including haul-away. Estimates are always free of charge.

Anytime a large storm comes through is also a good time to think about re-applying mulch to any areas that need attention. It is also, a good idea to get up on a ladder to inspect and clean out the gutters if needed. Both of these services are available for an additional charge.

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