Swimming Pool Opening Services

The first dive into a clean, clear, and blue pool can be a refreshing start to summer. However, the process getting the pump started, adding the right chemicals, and then cleaning again and again until that green swamp becomes a clear pool can be grueling, if you let it be. Let the pro’s at Tyler’s Pool & Home Care handle the dirty work while you relax by the pool. Our opening service includes everything needed to get your pool working and ready for swimming and our simple pricing structure ensures a straightforward bill.


Pools can be opened really just as soon as the weather starts to turn warm. We have been working with pools in Omaha for over half a dozen years, and in that time I have opened most of our pools in May and June, with some in April a few in March, and even a few years ago, one in late February. It just really depends on when you are ready, or the kids are ready to jump in.


Our opening service is all-inclusive, and we do everything to get your pool 100% ready for your enjoyment. In total our opening service includes a minimum of 3 service stops, and takes on average 5 days to complete the process of turning that green swamp into sparkling blue water.


During our first visit the winter cover is removed along with the skimmer and jet plugs, the ladder & rails are installed, we re-hook up the plumbing and equipment, prime and start the pump, and fire up the heater. During this initial visit we do an initial brush scrub and vacuum, we also add the necessary chemicals.


During our 2nd visit we do another full vacuum of the bottom of the pool, we brush all the sides and steps, and skim the top of the pool. We also do a full backwash of the system and balance the chemicals as needed.


For our final stop we do one final cleaning if required, backwash the system, fill the chlorinator, and do a final chemical check and balance.


Our pricing is also all-inclusive, we do not have any extra fees or costs. All of the chemicals that we use are included in the price. The only exception to this is Salt used for salt water pools. Generally each spring after filling the pool additional salt is needed to bring the PPM levels to the required amount. Our pool salt in sold in 50 lb. bags at $10.00 per bag.

What does it cost to professionally open a residential swimming pool for the summer?

  • $225.00 - Above Ground Pools (All sizes)
  • $250.00 - Below Ground Pool (Small/Medium – Less than 25,000 Gallons)
  • $275.00 - Below Ground Pool (Large – Over 25,000 Gallons)


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If your pool is already open and you need swimming pool chemicals, get started here. Or if you have your pool open and need weekly maintenance and cleaning of your swimming pool check out our weekly pool services here.