Swimming Pool Liners

Everyone who has owned a pool for some time and even those new to the process usually know about the dreaded “liner replacement”, the same sentiment can be said for those with pools that need “repainted” Don’t start throwing dirt in that pool just yet, the Pro’s at Tyler’s Pool & Home Care can have you back on track in no time.

The first reason why people dread liner replacements is because they have probably heard some stories of people having to pay astronomical prices to replace or repair a liner. The good news I excited to tell you is that if for some reason your liner has surpassed its life expectancy and needs to be replaced, you probably aren't in for an expense you've been dreading.

What do new custom swimming pool liners cost on average?

Yes, some very large pools, and customer built irregularly shaped pools can cost upwards of $5,000.00 or even $10,000.00 to replace the liner. But the majority of rectangle, circle, and kidney shaped, backyard pools in Omaha should cost just a fraction of that.

What kind of warranty do swimming pool liners have?

Most liners have a manufacturer’s warranty between 5-10 years. And we use a rule of thumb that every 7 years the liner will need replaced. Now, that doesn’t mean that a liner will only last 10 years and then fall apart, nor does that guarantee that the liner will last a full 5 years either. That is merely telling us that they will guarantee, at least partially the workmanship and quality of the liner for a period of 5-10 years. Over the years we have seen liners that were only 4 or 5 years that needed to be replaced. We’ve also seen liners that were almost 20 years old that looked brand new.

How do you replace a swimming pool liner?

Every time we replace a liner we also replace the drain cover, jets nozzles, & skimmer plates. This fresh hardware helps make the new liner look all the much better at a minimum cost. We like to think of it as the “cherry on top”


Pricing depends largely on size and each pool is just a bit different, exact estimates are always free.

What are typical prices for swimming pool liner installation for standard pools?

Above ground pool liners including installation and releveling the sand beneath the liner will run in-between $750.00 - $1250.00.

Below ground pool liners should mostly be in the range of $2,000.00 - $4,000.00, although it may range higher depending on the size and the shape of the pool.


All new liner installations in 2016 will include full pool opening and chemical balance free of charge.

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