Swimming Pool Weekly Maintenance Service

Our weekly service is designed to be all inclusive and includes everything needed to keep the pool clean & blue throughout the week without any additional work required by our customers.

Each week our weekly residential pool maintenance service customers receive a full vacuum, we brush the sides and stairs, and skim the top of the pool. In addition we do a full backwash of the system and an equipment check to make sure the pump, heater, salt cell, and other equipment are working properly. Finally, we do a full chemical analysis, add chemicals, and balance the water.

Our pricing is also all-inclusive, we do not have any extra fees or costs. We bring our own equipment needed to provide the service each week, in addition we also provide the water balancing chemicals needed to maintain the pool at no extra cost.


Included Chemicals:

  • Algaecide
  • Clarifier
  • PH + / PH –
  • Alkalinity + / Alkalinity -


The only chemical that is not included in our pricing is your sanitizer (Chlorine tabs & shock or Salt) and we can provide those at an additional cost. We recommend starting the season with 50 lbs. of chlorine tabs and an additional 25 lbs. of chlorine shock. This should be enough to get you well past the halfway point in the season.

What does it cost to maintain an outdoor pool weekly?

  • $50.00 / Week - Above Ground Pools (All sizes)
  • $55.00 / Week - Below Ground Pool (Small/Medium – Less than 25,000 Gallons)
  • $60.00 / Week - Below Ground Pool (Large – Over 25,000 Gallons)

How much does residential pool chlorine cost?

  • $150.00 – 50 Lbs Chlorine Tabs
  • $75.00 – 25 Lbs Chlorine Shock

For more information on residential swimming pool chemicals click here.

Over the year’s we have taken notice of the increase in the number of hot tubs in and  around Omaha. And while we have always cleaned and maintained spas, new for 2016, we are providing a discounted weekly hot tub rate to each of our current weekly pool or lawn customers. For just $50 per month we will do a weekly full chemical analysis and water balancing. We also clean the filter(s), scum line, and cover, each once per month.

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