Hot Tub Chemicals

Hot tub chemicals are an essential part to keeping your spa water sanitized and clear. There are a numerous amount of different chemicals, water enhancer’s, and products that claim to be an “all in one package”

Here at Tyler’s Pool and Home Care we keep things simple, the chemicals and products that we offer are the “nuts & bolts” to keeping your hot tub maintained. We sell just what you need and we don’t sell stuff that you really don’t need.

Our top of the line hot tub chemicals contain no fillers or inert ingredients. So when the label says 1 lb. or 16 oz. of product you know that is the amount of product that you are receiving. This is one of the biggest factors when it comes down to pricing. The traditional hardware store will sell you a big gallon jug of algaecide or clarifier for a similar price of our smaller sized product. But if you look closely at that big gallon jug, you’ll notice the ingredients often contain up to 95% inert ingredients (That is a fancy code word for “water”)

All pricing below is for 1 lb of dry/granular product or 16 ounces of liquid product:

  • $12.50 – Test Strips (50 Total Strips)
  • $7.50 - PH Increaser (Dry/Granular)
  • $7.50 - PH Decreaser (Liquid)
  • $7.50 - Alkalinity Increaser (Dry/Granular)
  • $7.50 - Alkalinity Decreaser (Dry/Granular)
  • $7.50 - Chlorine/Bromine 1” Tabs (Dry/Granular)
  • $7.50 - Chlorine/Bromine Granular Shock (Dry/Granular)
  • $10.00 – Algaecide (Liquid)
  • $10.00 - Clarifier (Liquid)
  • $10.00 - Anti-Foam (Liquid)

Call us today to place your order and all orders will be delivered the next business day.  A free chemical analysis will be performed for all customers that place an order.

The big 3!!! – Add in small doses – An old detergent cap works very well.

  • PH: 7.4 – 7.6 - Add in small doses PH + or PH – to adjust the PH.
  • Alkalinity: 80 – 120 - Add in small doses ALK + or ALK – to adjust the Alkalinity.
  • Sanitizer: 4.0 – 6.0 PPM (Either Bromine or Chlorine) – Can be added to a “floater” or in liquid or granular form.


The next 2!!!

  • Weekly dose of algaecide – Helps to prevent algae growth, aka Green water
  • Weekly dose of clarifier – Helps to maintain clarity, you should always be able to see the drain of the tub


The final 1!!!

  • Weekly dose of Anti-Foam – Helps remove foam from surface of the water after usage.


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