Deck & Fence Restoration

Tyler's DecksBetween the snow in the winters, torrential rain in the spring, scorching heat in the summers, kids and pets running around and baseballs constantly being tossed in its direction, your deck/patio and wooden fences take a beating all year long. Looking at your worn deck or fence, you might think there is nothing else to do but to replace it, but don’t jump to that conclusion just yet.

Depending on your needs we offer 3 basic restoration services. Our fence and deck staining and weather-proofing combines all 3 services to completely restore your deck or fence to a brand new look.

Our restoration services include:

Inspect & Repair

  • Do a full top to bottom visual inspection for rotten boards, loose rails, popped nails and loose screws. Once we assess the condition of the deck/patio we can then determine the best way to restore it.
  • Replace rotten boards.
  • Either tap in any popped out nails or replace with screws.
  • Tighten all nuts and bolts from brackets.

Power-Wash & Sand

  • Power-washing will remove any grime, old stain or paint that is already starting to fade away.
  • Sand all surface areas to remove any splinters and rough surfaces.
  • After sanding we then do one additional, lighter power-wash to all surface areas of the deck.

Stain & Weatherproof

  • For this process we combine the first 2 restorations steps and then we apply 2 coats of high-quality stain/weather-coating.
  • The end result is a deck or fence that looks brand new.

Demolition & Removal

  • When all else fails, we also offer deck and patio demolition and removal services.