The best time to lay down new mulch in is spring or early summer, although it can be installed at almost any time during the year. Here in Omaha usually anytime in March or the following months is perfect. The earlier in the year mulch is added the sooner the winter grime disappears, and your yard starts to look like a yard again. Plus, our mulch has a full-year color guarantee, so you can put it down earlier in the spring and it is going to retain its bold color until the winter months.

Our installation process for adding new mulch to previously landscaped area(s) include raking and cleaning out areas prior to adding new landscaping materials. We then deliver and spread the mulch evenly into the designated beds and border areas. Finally we make sure to sweep up any remaining dust so it does not leave a stain.

  • 55.00 Per Cubic Yard - Dyed colored mulch including red, black, dark brown, and mocha brown colors - including delivery and basic installation.
  • $45.00 Per Cubic Yard - Regular brown mulch - including delivery and basic installation.
  • Call us for pricing on our cedar chips & rubber playground chips.


If weeds are an existing problem we can install new weed-guard fabric protection at this time. In addition, if you currently have beds where the mulch is “spilling” out of the original designed area we can rebuild or retrench the bed to ensure a clean transition from grass to mulch without any mess in the middle. These services, if needed are charged in addition to the basic installation price.


Spring is also a great time to create new garden beds which can be filled with mulch and greenery. New beds can also be created as borders around trees, housing structures, and driveways to add features to the landscaping. Pricing for the installation of new beds will vary depending on the size of the project, luckily, estimates are always free!!!


New in 2016 for our DIY weekend yard warriors, we will also be offering the following products as “delivery-only” by the cubic yard (IE 1 cubic yard of landscape material is equal to 14 bags bought at local hardware or grocery store). Deliveries include:


  • Mulch
  • River Rock
  • Top Soil
  • Fill Dirt
  • Play Sand
  • ¾” Crushed Concrete or limestone


*Call for pricing on delivery at 402-590-6860. Location & amount of product will determine the overall cost.

Quotes are always FREE! Call us today on 402-590-6860!


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