Patio Construction

Tyler's Pool & Home Care constructs beautiful and affordable patios for Omaha homes and businesses. We take pride in our craftsmanship and welcome the challenges that come from the fact that no two patio builds are exactly the same. Call us for free quote at 402-590-6860.

What is a Patio?

Most commonly here in Omaha, this would be the paved area adjoining the exterior house that is used mostly for grilling and enjoying an ice cold beverage with friends or family.


Why is a Patio built?

A patio can be built for a number of reasons. Most commonly, to create an added space to entertain guests or just relax on a warm summer night.

A properly built patio can be the start of your outdoor oasis, or home away from home. A place to put a hot tub or hammock, sit and relax while you watch the kids run around the yard.

Low height retaining walls and pillars can be added to add seating, lighting, planting beds, or a border around the patio.


Why rebuild an existing Patio?

There are 2 main reasons to rebuild an existing patio. Either the patio is structurally failing, or it is deteriorating into an eyesore. We see this most often with older patios formed with poured concrete, due to our freezing and warming weather in conjunction with moisture, the concrete can eventually crack and need replaced much like our driveways and sidewalks. We see the same failure over time with brick & mortar patio’s, where the bricks begin to deteriorate and the mortar starts to crack and chip away.


What makes our Patio’s last longer?

Our patio’s are built to last starting at the excavation process. The rule of thumb is to dig out an area for the patio that is 7 inches deep, this is done so the patio sits level with the top surface. We dig our patio’s out at 10 inches deep. This allows for an additional 3 inches of crushed limestone to form a 6 inch base for the patio. That limestone base is compacted every 2 inches and sloped slightly so any water does not pool up in the middle of the patio. Then a 1 inch layer of sand is screened on top of the limestone base, and from there we can begin to lay the pavers to form the patio. Finally, once the pavers are laid we use a polymeric sand to fill in the spaces between the pavers and lock them into place.

The key is the 6” base of compacted limestone. A patio is only as strong as the base underneath it.


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