Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls:

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What is a retaining wall?


An interlocking wall, today most commonly built from concrete block or large stones, designed to keep soil and rock withheld to or from certain area(s) of a property.


Why is a retaining wall built?


A retaining wall can be built for a number of reasons. Most commonly, when there is a steep change in elevation within a lot. The retaining wall holds back soil allowing a flat surface to be created where there was once a slope.


Low height retaining walls are also built to add an aesthetic feature to an otherwise flat yard and used as planting beds or boarders.


Why rebuild an existing retaining wall?


Our customers request a retaining wall to be rebuilt when the existing walls structurally fails. The main reason a retaining wall will fail is due to built-up pressure from rainwater and groundwater behind the wall. This occurs most commonly when there is not enough backfill or lack of irrigation behind the wall.


The other reason we would rebuild an existing wall is when it has become an eyesore due to deteriorating building materials. Today in Omaha, I am talking about the old railroad ties or loose flagstone commonly used for retaining walls 30-40 years ago. While some are still structurally sound, new building materials can transform that eyesore into a sleek new feature for the landscaping.


What makes our retaining walls last longer?


Two reasons why our walls are built to last. Backfill and drainage.


Backfill is referred to as the normally 12 inches of crushed concrete or limestone placed behind the wall designed to allow water to escape. When we build a wall we backfill our walls 24”-36” behind the base of the wall. The reasoning is simple, the more backfill we install, the more drainage the wall will have, and thus less water building up pressure behind the wall.


In addition to backfill, a drainage tube must also be installed behind the wall. This perforated tube is placed at the bottom of the wall under the backfill and allows the water that seeps through the rocks an exit to escape.


Proper backfill and drainage will ensure a long standing retaining wall.


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