Swimming Pool Closing Services

Unfortunately, here in Omaha, the sun eventually sets on the swimming season. At the end of the pool season each pool must be properly winterized. The winterization process includes blowing the water out of the lines and equipment so the pipes will not freeze and crack.

Much like the timing of opening the swimming pools, closing the pools is determined by the change of the seasons and the return to colder weather. Much to the kids dismay, it seems the school year starts earlier and earlier each year, once the kids start heading back to class we begin to book our first closings toward the end of August. However, a few lucky pool owners do have the luxury of an automatic cover or a heated pool. This allows those pools to be kept open even longer, sometimes as late as October

Our closing service is all-inclusive, and we do everything to get your pool 100% ready for the winter. Our pool closing service in completed in less than a day, in total usually somewhere between 4-6 hours for 1 technician.

What is necessary for closing down swimming pool before winter?

  • Drain pool below return jets and skimmer openings
  • Blow water out of the lines, plug the lines, and add environmentally safe antifreeze.
  • Winterize all pool equipment – heater, salt cell, pump, chlorinator, etc.
  • Remove ladders and rails
  • Install winter cover


Our pricing is also all-inclusive, we do not have any extra fees or costs. All of the winter  chemicals (Chlorine Shock & Algaecide) as well as the environmentally safe antifreeze that we use are included in the price.

What does it cost to have your swimming pool winterized?

  • $225.00 - Above Ground Pools (All sizes)
  • $250.00 - Below Ground Pool (Small/Medium – Less than 25,000 Gallons)
  • $275.00 - Below Ground Pool (Large – Over 25,000 Gallons)


Now, about this same time of year as pools are being shut down, hot tubs are being turned on and being jumped into. The pros at Tyler’s Pool & Home Care are experts when it comes to hot tub repairs, cleanings, & chemicals. Estimates are always free.

Quotes are always FREE! Call us today on 402-590-6860 for a free quote on swimming pool closing, winterizing or opening services!

When the time comes to open your pool again please read more about steps to open your pool for the season here.

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